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How to add custom payment on POS

Custom payment helps you record non-integrated payment methods. This article explains how to add a new custom payment method on POS.

In your Admin backend, head to POS > Settings > in the POS tab, look for Payment on POS.

Payment for POS in POS Settings

Click Add more payment. A new payment option will be added on top of the payment list.

Add new custom payment method
  • Enabled: Select Yes to display this payment method on POS checkout screen.
  • Title: Set the name for this payment method. After you save your configuration, this name will appear in payment settings and the POS payment screen.
Custom payment option on POS
  • Reference number: Choose Yes to display a box to input reference number during payment.
Custom payment reference number
  • Icon: You can select 1 of the suggested icons or upload your own icon. For custom icon, you can upload JPEG, PNG, or SVG file. The recommended size is 76 x 46 px.
  • Pay later: helps you record payment even when the customer hasn’t paid at all. 
    • If you select Yes, the system allows cashier to complete checkout with 0 paid value. This means the amount box is hidden and the POS doesn’t generate an invoice after checkout. In addition, pay later methods won’t appear during refund or taking due amount of partially paid orders.
    • If you select No, the paid value has to be greater than 0. This payment method will be available for checking out, refunding, and taking due amount.
  • Sort order: Enter a number to determine the position of payment methods on payment screen. Payment options with sort order of 0 appear first, followed by those with sort order of 1 and so on.

In case you’ve added a new method by accident, you can press Cancel to delete it.

Once you’ve clicked Save, a new custom payment is added to the system permanently. You can go back and edit it any time in payment settings.

Log in to your POS to check the configuration.

Custom payment options on POS payment screen

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