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How to add a new Earning Rate

Earning Rate information enables users to define that if customers spend X amount of money for purchasing, they will get how many corresponding earning points.

Please follow this guide to learn how to add a new Earning Rate.

Add a new Earning Rate

Step 1: Follow the path: Customers > Reward Points > Earning section > Earning Rates. To create a new Earning Rate, click on the Add New Earning Rate button.

Add New Earning Rate

Step 2: Add Earning Rate information:

Earning Rate information

Amount of money spentYesTo define the money amount a customer spent to get earning rate.
Earning Point(s) Yes To define earning point(s) a customer receives after spending the corresponding amount of money.
Example: If you input:
– Amount of money spent: 10
– Earning point(s): 1
Then when a customer spends $30, he will receive 3 points.
StatusYesTo activate or deactivate this earning rate.
WebsitesYesTo select a website or websites which this earning rate is applied on.
Customer groupsYesTo select a customer group or customer groups which this earning rate is applied on.
PriorityNoTo define the priority of this earning rate to the others.
0 is the highest priority.
– The rate with the highest level will be applied first.
– If there are 2 rates with the same priority, the one created earlier will be applied first.

After you complete all, click Save Earning Rate or Save and Continue Edit button to save your work.

Disable Earning Rate

You cannot delete Earning Rate. If you do not want to use any Earning Rate, inactivate it by following these steps:

  1. Select the Earning Rate that you do not want to use anymore.
  2. In the Status field, change status into Inactive.
  3. Click Save Earning Rate or Save and Continue Edit button to apply your change.