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How to create a POS role and set permissions to it


Admin user has all permissions or at least the permissions to manage POS, create POS Users & Roles (defined in System > Permissions > User Roles > Create/ Edit Role > Role Resources > POS App Settings > Manage Staff & Manage Roles.

Create a new POS role

A POS Role is a set of permissions to take certain actions on Magestore POS. To create a new POS role:

Step 1. In the backend, go to POS > Manage Roles.

On the Role List page, click on the Add Role button.

Step 2: On the New Role page, fill in Role Name & Description in the General tab.

  • Role Name (Required): To input a role name here. Each role name must be unique.
    If the new role name is the same with an existing one, the system will notify you when saving.
  • Description (Not required): To input a role description that can be viewed and used for filtering on the Role List page.

Step 3: Click on the Permission tab and select Role Resources.

To grant access permissions to each role. There are 2 options:

  • All: This role has full permissions to take all actions on PWA POS.
  • Custom: This role only has limited permissions to take specific actions on PWA POS. If this option is selected, the Resources tree-view checkbox will be shown for you to define which permission is enabled.

If you want to see the list of user accounts assigned to this role, move to Staff List. If you are creating a new role, the list is blank.

Basic role for POS staff (reference only)

In this section, we give an example of assigning permission to one typical business role in an organization that is Cashier (who is likely using POS).


The example role Cashier is not a built-in user in Magento core and is for your reference only.

Below is how it is set up in the ackend.

In the frontend, they can take action on POS with those configured features, including:

  • Checkout
  • Set custom price on items
  • Make adjustment
  • View sessions created by other staff
  • Manage order
  • Manage POS orders created from location of the staff
  • Refund

View, edit or delete a POS role

To view, edit or delete an existing POS role:

1. In the ackend, go to POS > Manage Roles or App Settings > Manage Roles.

2. On the Role List page, click Edit of the role you want to update.

edit role

3. On the Role Details page, you can edit role name, description and resource permissions. Click on Save and Continue Edit or Save to apply your changes.

4. To delete the current User Role, click on the Delete button. This button is only visible when you edit an existing Role.


If you delete a certain role, the user that is assigned for that role will have no access on POS. You need to reassign role for all the users in POS Permission. All the orders had been created by the user still remain unchanged in the Magento system.

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