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How to review the final product with Magestore acceptance process

This article will give you an overview of Magestore’s acceptance process and how you can review your solution.

What is the acceptance process?

Customer acceptance is a key part of Magestore’s delivery process. It’s a meeting for the customer to review and feedback on the solution from the delivery team.

Why should I care about acceptance?

Magestore follows the Agile development methodology. We deliver our solution through weekly sprints.

The acceptance meeting is the first time you see what the solution looks like and how it works. You get to try the product and identify potential issues right on the acceptance environment.

Based on your feedback, the delivery team can quickly adjust the solution. This prevents unexpected issues that slow down your operations after going live.

Weekly acceptance also makes it easier for you to review the solution. You’ll get to review parts of your software over time, instead of waiting for the whole package close to the launching date.

Each week only involves a few user stories, so you’ll have more time to review them carefully. You can check if the product functions in a way that your staff and your customer expect.

Weekly acceptance meetings also help you see how much progress the project team has made. Based on this you can adjust the scope of business requirements to make sure you launch on time.

How often does the acceptance meeting happen?

The acceptance meeting happens after every sprint, usually in 1 week.

You can also ask the project team for more progress meetings if necessary.

Where does the acceptance meeting happen?

We usually demo weekly results via online meetings. With your permission, we’ll record this meeting for later reference.

What is the process for customer acceptance?

The acceptance process involves planning for acceptance, joining the acceptance meeting, and confirming the final product.

Plan for the acceptance

For each sprint, make sure to work with the delivery team to:

  • Decide the user stories and the scope
  • Prepare the acceptance environment
  • Schedule a meeting to review the results

Join the acceptance meeting

During the acceptance meeting:

  • We’ll go through each of the user stories that the project team completed.
Magestore acceptance meeting sample agenda
  • We will demo the results on the acceptance environment. You can ask any questions or comment on the workflow, design, or any technical aspects.
  • At the end of the meeting, we can discuss how to implement the adjustments or plan for new requirements.


Just like any other online meeting, we recommend that you use a stable internet connection, have a working microphone, and join the meeting in a quiet location.

In case we can’t arrange a meeting, we’ll send you a recording of the demo so you can review the results.

Confirm the results

After the acceptance meeting, we’ll send you the following information:

  • Details of the acceptance site
  • A summary of the meeting and discussion, including all identified issues or questions that need confirmation
  • The video recording of the meeting

You can review the results on the acceptance site and let us know if you see any new issues.

You’ll also get an acceptance request on Slack.

Magestore acceptance request on Slack

If the user story is working as you expect, please accept the request. This lets us know the final product is ready to be released. We’ll follow up to support you to run the solution successfully.

If the user story isn’t working according to the business requirements, you can decline the request and work with the project team to correct the issues.

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