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How to enable product on POS

For many reasons, you may want to have different catalog lists for online websites and offline stores. In this case, a product may be available to sell on the Magento website but not in POS and vice versa.

Magestore POS allows you to make this happen with ease. Before you start, be sure your account has the permission to edit/change product visibility.


Admin user has all permissions or at least the permissions to Manage Catalog Product (defined in System > in the Permissions section > User Roles > Create/ Edit Role > Role Resources > Catalog > Inventory > Products)

After that, you begin with the step-by-step configuration to show your products on POS.

Change a product’s visibility

Step 1: In the Backend, go to Catalog > Inventory > Products

Step 2: Select the product you want to change its visibility on POS & website. We take an example of the product

Step 3: On the Product Details page, navigate to the attribute Visible on POS. By default, all products have this configuration set to YES with [Global] scope. Let’s take the product Driven Backpack as an example:

  • Visible on POS = YES, the product is available to view info and sell in all POS
    devices across all locations.
  • Visible on POS = NO, the product cannot be viewed and sold in all POS devices across all locations.

You can make use of this custom attribute and the default attribute [Visibility] of Magento to flexibly customize the catalog lists in online websites and offline stores (POS).

Use Cases ‘Visibility’ attribute ‘Visible on POS’ attribute
Visible on website, not visible on POSCatalog, Search Disabled
Not visible on website, visible on POSNot visible individuallyEnabled
Visible on both website and POSCatalog, SearchEnabled
Not visible on both website and POSNot visible individuallyDisabled

Here is how the product Driven Backpack appears on POS screen if you enable Visible on POS attribute.

Mass update products’ visibility

Step 1: In the Backend, go to Catalog > Inventory > Products. Select all the product list.

Step 2: In the box Action, choose Update Attributes to change the visibility setting.

Step 3: In the tab Attributes, scroll down to the Visible on POS field. Choose YES or NO to update products’ visibility in bulk.

And here is the outcome. All of your products will appear on POS and ready for selling.

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