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How a customer place a Store pickup order on website

Step 1: Choose Shipping Method: Delivery in Store 

  • In the Shipping Method tab at checkout, select Store Pick up 
  • Select a store from the dropdown list

Step 2: Choose Delivery Time

After selection shipment method as Store Pickup, customers need to choose date and time for their arrival and then check out as usual

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\storepickup-customer use choose date.png

Customers must choose date and time arrival by selecting data from the box. (Note: you MUST set up store’s schedule to enable this calendar)

If the shipping date is one of the store’s holidays, customers won’t be able to choose that on the calendar. Thus, they can avoid arriving on the store’s days off. You can refer to Manage Holidays to know how to set up these holidays.

Step 3: Choose Payment Method 

In this step, applicable payment methods are shown as your configuration.

All customers need to do is choosing their payment method 

Step 4: Place Orders

To place the order, customers will click on the Place Order button

Step 5: View Orders

Path: My Account > My Orders tab > View Order.

To print orders, click on Print Order on the top right.

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