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How to add users to Magestore POS


Before you start, you need to set up POS location(s) and create a role with a set of permissions to be able to add new staff successfully to POS.

1. Create role and permissions

Before creating a user/staff for your POS location, you need to create a role and set permissions for that staff. Learn how to create a POS role and set permissions to it.

2. Create POS location for your store

Also, create POS Location for all your stores. You might want to add your staff to a specific selling location (POS).

Add new staff to POS

After setting all the preconditions, you can start adding a new user to your POS:

Step 1: Go to POS > in the Admin section, click Manage Staffs. To create a new user, click on Add Staff button.

Add new staff

Step 2: Add User Info

Add new staff

Field NameType RequiredDescription
User NameText YesTo input User Name which is used as ID to log in to POS.
User Name must be unique.
New Password****YesTo input password that is used to log in to PWA POS.
After saving, this field’s value is saved in database but is
displayed empty in form (format ****).
This field is required when creating new user and not
required when editing user.
Password Confirmation****YesTo confirm a password that is used to log in to PWA POS.
Confirmed password must be same as the Password
entered above.
After saving, this field is saved in the database but is
displayed empty in form (format ****).
TextYesTo register email address of staff using this account.
Display Name TextYesTo input display name of staff account on POS. Also, it appears in Order History listing, and in receipt.
StatusSingle, Dropdown SelectionYesTo select the account status whether enabled or
Default status: Enabled
If an account is Disabled, staff cannot log in to PWA POS
or will be forced to sign out if user is currently logging in
any POS.

Step 3: User Role: Select a role for the user.

Step 4: Assign POS Location. In the Location tab, tick on the Location that you want to assign.

pos permission

After you have completed all, click on Save User button.

Check from your POS

Using username and password to log in on POS:

Display name will appear on POS, Order History and receipt:

display name on POS
display name on order history
Receipt with staff name

View, edit or delete a POS user

To view, edit or delete an existing POS user account:

In the backend, go to POS > Manage Staff or App Settings > Manage Staff

1. On the Staff List page, click Edit of the staff account you want to update.

2. On the Staff Details page, update desired fields and click on the Save or Save and Continue Edit button to apply your changes.

edit staff

3. If you want to delete a staff account, click on the Delete button (this button is only visible when you edit an existing user) and click OK to confirm.

delete staff


If you delete a certain user, all the orders had been created by this user still save and store in the Magento system. But make sure you remove the right one.

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