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How customers Buy Gift Card product on Website

  • You’ll need to Create a Gift Card product and configure Gift Card’s settings and template before customers can purchase it on Website
  • Gift Card can be ordered as a normal product. Customers can enter or choose the value and quantity of Gift Card they want to order.
  • For better Gift Card appearance, after choosing a preferred template, customers can select between 1 of provided images. It is possible for Customers to personalize their Gift Card by uploading their own image as well.
  • Customers can also send Gift Cards to their friends by ticking Send Gift Card to friend checkbox and enter all the required fields:
  • Then Gift Cards products can be checked out as normal products. Customers will receive a Gift Card code if they buy for themselves. In case Customers purchase the Gift Card to send to their friends, the code will be delivered to their friend’s email with the following form:
  • If the Sender has ticked the checkbox Get notification email when your friend receives Gift Card, a notification will be sent to his email address immediately after the Gift Card is delivered to the friend’s email as below:
  • If Customers purchase Gift Card for themselves, the notification email that they receive is as below: