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How to Create a Gift Card product

After you login backend, you can create a Gift Card product by one of two ways below:

Clicking on Catalog on the Admin sidebar > select Products > in the upper-right corner on the Add Product menu, select Gift Card.

or click on Marketing on the Admin sidebar > Then under Gift Card, select Manage Gift Card Products > click on Add Gift Card Product to create a new one.

When creating the Gift Card product, you can specify:

Gift Card Type: Physical, Virtual or Combine, Gift Card templates, product name, SKU and other information. 

Gift Card module allow you set 3 types of Gift Card value, including fixed value, range of values and dropdown values.

  • Set a fixed Gift Card or Voucher value
  • Let customers select flexible amount within a pre-set range of values
  • Build a list of predefined values in a drop-down menu

For each type of Gift Card value, you can let your customers choose pricing types for your gift cards:

  • A price similar to Gift Card value
  • A fixed price that can’t be modified
  • A price based on percentage of Gift Card value

The following example will help you have better understanding about these configurations.

  • Type of Gift Card value: Dropdown values
  • Gift Card values: 10,20,30
  • Type of Gift Card price: Percent of Gift Card value
  • Percentage: 90

So customers only have to pay 90% of Gift Card value, which means $9 for a $10 Gift Card for instance.

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