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How to create and manage Return Request?

Return Items are records of items & Qty. returned against a purchase order. You can return partial or all items in the PO.

1. Create Return Request

Path: Purchase Management > Return Request Management section > Create Return Request

a. Step 1: Input General Information (the status is New)

(1) Created Time: select Calendar to choose date

(2) Source: select Warehouse/Source that holds the Returned Items

(3) Supplier: select the one who supplies the items

(4) Reason: enter the reason why you returned it

Then, click on Prepare Product List button to move to the next step

b. Step 2: Prepare products to create return request (the status is Pending)

(1) First, you need to select product(s) that you want to return: you can Import Products, Scan Products (instruction below) and select from All Supplier Products

(2) Click on Confirm Request to move to next step

After this step, a return request is recorded with Processing status and awaits confirmation from the Supplier before you actually send items from the warehouse. At this step, stock has not been subtracted from the warehouse yet.

You can also Send request to the supplier via email or print the return request.

c. Step 3: Send items and/or finish return request (the status is Processing)

If the supplier confirms the return request, you can start sending products by clicking on Delivery items.

A new window will open. You can select the date to send stock, choose to Subtract stock in Source once this step is completed, return products by scanning barcode or select from the product list and click Save to finish.

If you have selected Subtract stock in Source option, the returned stock is now subtracted from your Warehouse/ Source.

Note: you can return partial items and come back later to return the rest.

You can click on Complete Request to complete the return request even if you send back items in the previous step above or not. Once you have completed the return request, you will NOT be able to receive or edit further information of this request. The request status is marked Completed.

d. Step 4: the status is Completed

You can review the information you have created, send it via email to the supplier or print it out.

2. Manage Return Request

Path: Purchase Management > Return Request Management section > Return Requests

You can see Return Number, Return On (date), Supplier, Warehouse, Returned Qty, Delivered Qty, and Status

(1) Click on the Create Return Request button if you want to create a new one.(2) Select the return request and click View to see all details of the request

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