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How to get unbuilt package of Magestore POS?

Differences between Prebuilt and Unbuilt of POS Package

  • Prebuilt Package: Stable version, contains prebuilt of Reactjs code, just extract the delivery package and install.
  • Unbuild Package: For development purposes, like developing new features, debugging, fixing bugs, and need to build the code before installation.

After you purchased Magestore POS, you can find and download Prebuilt Package in your account in If you want to get unbuilt package, you need to request via our portal.


Please note that you should not self-modify the code untill you really know about the risk when you do that. Also, We Magestore are limitedly responsible for the original product package. Support is not available for arisen issues after you change/customize the original package. You’ll have to pay extra fee for asking support with problem which is made from you changes.

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