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How to import Gift Codes

If a Retail Store want to use their own Gift Codes, they can use the Import Gift Codes function.

Step 1: Go to Marketing > Gift Card > Manage Gift Code > Click Import Gift Code button

Step 2: Download the sample csv file and input data to this file

history_amountIf gift code value is $100, input 100
balanceIf gift code value is $100, input 100
status (require)Enter:
Active if gift code is valid and can be use right away
Pending If gift code is invalid and need to be activated before using
customer_nameEnter the customer name who is own this Gift code
Leave blank if Gift Code has not been assigned to any customers
order_increment_idShould leave blank this field
recipient_nameEnter the Recipient Name of who is given the gift code from Customer
created_atShould leave blank
System will auto define this field after importing
Format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm (12/6/2017 4:07)
expired_atEnter the Expiration date of Gift code
Format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm (12/6/2017 4:07)
store_idMagento Store ID
currency customer_idCustomer ID
customer_emailCustomer’s email
recipient_emailRecipient’s email
recipient_addressRecipient’s shipping address
Should leave blank
messageMessage want to send to Recipient with Gift code
gift_codeGift Code Number

Step 3: Import CSV file

After Importing, system will import the Gift code to system like this

Step 4: Print or Send email Gift code