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How to make payment to possess Magestore products quickly

  1. When open the link of invoice, click Pay Now to pay full amount:

2. Choose the expected payment method: PayPal or Bank Transfer then click Pay Now

3. If you choose Paypal, you unnecessarily have Paypal account. You can log in by Paypal account but also can choose to pay by Debit or Credit Card without having Paypal account

4. If you choose Bank Transfer, the information of Bank account and the guide will be displayed as below. Do step by step as the guide and don’t forget to type exactly name of our company: Magestore Technology JSC (which customers usually type wrongly here so I just want to emphasize your careful checking information to avoid delay for the next steps). Lastly, don’t forget to send us the bank receipt after you do bank transfer so we can kick off the project immediately.