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How to create and view suppliers in Purchase Management?

Path: Purchase Management > Supplier section > Manage suppliers

1. View Supplier Details

On the Manage Suppliers page, you can view the table including information about Supplier Code, Total SKU, Purchase Order Value, Last Purchase Order On, and Status.

Moreover, in the Action column, you can click on View for more detail about the supplier including which Products they have provided, along with Supplier Information, Supplier Address and Purchase Sales List.

2. Add a new Supplier

Click on Add New Supplier and fill Supplier Information and Supplier Address

  • Supplier Information
  • Supplier Code: enter the code based on your own rules.
  • Supplier Name: enter the supplier’s name.
  • Contact Person: enter the name who you can contact when you need supply
  • Supplier Email: enter the Contact Person’s email
  • Description: enter the description if any
  • Status: select whether the supplier is Enable or Disable
  • Supplier Address
  • Fill Supplier Address, such as Telephone, Fax, Street, City, Country, Region, Zip/Postal Code, and Website. Finally, don’t forget to click on Save to complete this step.
  • Now you can assign products to this supplier. After you click on Save button, your screen will appear like following:
  • There are two ways to assign products to the supplier: Add product manually and import products via a csv file.
  • If you choose to upload products manually, remember to enter related information for each one: Supplier SKU, Cost and Tax. Otherwise, importing products in mass is recommended. A csv file sample is offered. In case you have a mistake on importing products, Delete Product button can help.

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