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How to Pair Your Tyro Payment Terminal

Settings on Front End

Step 1: Login POS front-end > Go to Settings from the left menu > Choose Tyro

How to Pair Your Tyro Payment   Terminal

Step 2: On Tyro config screen, fill up information

  • Terminal ID: On the Tyro terminal: Select MENU > Settings > Terminal Info. A terminal receipt will be printed, showing the Terminal ID information
  • Integrated Receipt: ON/OFF.

Tyro’s Integrated EFTPOS system offers integrated receipts that allow the POS to include the Tyro EFTPOS receipt on the POS sales receipt. This is an important feature as it provides many benefits to the customer and merchant. Some of the benefits are:

  • The customer can be given a single receipt rather than two separate receipts
  • POS systems typically employ fast POS printers which speed up the process of completing the sale
  • Merchants don’t have to maintain stock of both terminal printer rolls and POS printer rolls

Pairing with Tyro Payment

Step 3: On the Tyro terminal: Select Menu > Settings > Integrated EFTPOS > Authorise POS. Enter the Password provided by Tyro and press OK.
Step 4: On the POS front end. Press the ‘Pairing’ button. If the pairing is successful it will return to the pairing screen.
Step 5: Click on the ‘Verify Key’ button – this should show the Merchant ID and Terminal ID details.

Exception: If the pairing was unsuccessful or timed out, Best Practice will display a message. Repeat the process above again to finalize the

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