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How to set up Purchase Order Configuration

1. Purchase Order Configuration

Path: Purchase Management > Settings section > Purchase Management

Here, you can configure product, shipping method, payment method, payment term and tax shipping:

  • Product Config

Get products from: you have two options – All Store and Supplier. (Choose Supplier)

  • Shipping Method

Enter the Name, choose Status (enable or disable). To remove one shipping method,

click on the Trash icon beside.

Click on Add to create one more shipping method

  • Payment Method
  • Payment Term
  • Tax & Shipping

Here, you have two options:

(1) Apply Customer Tax: choose when you want to apply Customer Tax – Before Discount or After Discount (you MUST untick the box Use System Value)

(2) Use System value: tick it if you want to use default setting

2. Supplier Configuration

Path: Purchase Management > Settings section > Supplier Configuration

If you select Yes, the Manage Pricelist feature will be activated

3. Roles Configuration

You can use the Manage Roles feature to limit permissions on the Purchase Order

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