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How to set up session on POS

This article will guide you through the process to set up session for your stores. With this, POS users can open and close working shifts, and adjust cash amount during session.

Step 1: Enable session management

Head to POS > Under Admin, click on Settings:

POS menu settings

To open and close POS sessions, enable Manage Session (under Session Management tab):

Enable session management on POS

To start selling, POS user needs to open session and input the Opening Balance – the amount of cash in your store at the time. The POS menu will also display Session Management.

In case you want POS users to sell products immediately without opening a session, disable Manage Session.

For addition settings:

  • Cash Control: Enable this option to track all cash denominations in your cash drawer at the beginning and end of a session.
  • View session history since: Display list of sessions during the period you selected.

Step 2: Set up denomination

If you want to track cash denominations, first enable Cash Control.

Enable cash control on POS

Then head to POS > Manage Cash Denominations

Manage cash denomination on POS

The Denomination grid will display all cash denominations for your POS. 

The cash denomination list displays all denominations on POS

You can add new denomination or edit existing ones.

Edit denomination information

Denomination information includes:

  • Denomination Name: Name of the cash denomination that will display on POS. For example: Dime, Quarter, Dollar
  • Denomination Value: Value of that denomination. For example: 0.10, 0.25, 1
    • To calculate opening or closing balance, POS will multiply the denomination value by the number of that denomination. 
    • For example: Denomination Value: 50, Number of Coins/Bills: 4, Subtotal: $200.00
Add denomination when opening a new session on POS
  • Sort Order: POS will display denomination with sort order of “0” first, followed by 1, 2, 3, and so on.

Step 3: Assign additional permission for POS users

When you’ve enabled POS session, all users can open and close session. However, you can set up additional permissions if necessary. 

  1. To set up permissions for sessions, go to POS > Manage Roles
Manage POS roles
  • Create a new role or edit an existing role. In Permission tab, under Role Resources > Resource Access: Select Custom
Add additional permissions for POS users
  • Make adjustment: User can put money in and take money out during a session.
  • View sessions created by other staff: When viewing session history of a POS, this user can view sessions created by other users. 
  1. Go to POS > Manage Staffs:
Manage POS staffs
  • Select a staff and go to POS permission:
Assign role for POS user
  • Assign the correct Role for that staff and save your settings.

Step 4: Check your settings

Log in to your POS checkout screen to make sure everything’s set up correctly.

  1. Enable Session Management:
  • Users can see Session Management in the left menu:
Session Management on POS checkout menu
  • They can open a new session and input the opening balance:
Opening a new session on POS
  1. Enable Cash Control:
  • When opening or closing a session, POS user can input different denominations:
Add denomination when opening a new session on POS
  1. Assign addition permissions for POS users:
  • POS use can make adjustment during a session:
make cash adjustment during a session

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