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How to setup schedule for Store Pickup

Path: Stores > Store Pickup > Manage Schedule

You can see some schedules available in this tab and quickly edit, or create a new one by clicking on Add New Schedule.

To edit Schedule: 

Step 1: Enter your Schedule Name

Step 2: Choose your store schedule on each day:

Let’s take Monday for example:
– If your store opens on Monday, choose Yes for Open.
– If your store has morning shift opening from 8 am to 12pm and afternoon shift from 1pm to 11 pm, you can set Open Time as 8:00, Open Break Time as 12:00, Close Break Time as 13:00 and Close Time as 23:00
Similarly, you can set opening hours for each remaining day of the week. To quickly set up, click on the Apply to All button. Other days will have the same working time as Monday.

Step 3: After entering all the necessary data, remember to click on the Save Schedule button to save your work.

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