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What payment methods are available on POS?

Magestore POS currently supports the following payment methods:

Cash and credit card

By default, Magestore POS enables cash and credit card payment methods.

cash and credit card payment method on Magestore POS

Integrated gateways

Magestore POS supports payment gateways native with Magento:

  • Stripe payment gateway

Integrated terminals

With integrated terminals, Magestore POS automatically pushes the total to the card terminal and receives a response to complete checkout. Magestore POS works with:

  • Tyro EFTPOS
  • Stripe Verifone P400: available on the Professional and Enterprise edition
Verifone Stripe P400 integrated terminal

Other payment methods

In addition, customers can also pay with:

  • Zippay: Buy now, pay later option
Zippay payment method
  • Store credits: available on the Enterprise edition
Pay with store credit on Magestore POS
  • Custom payment: merchants can use this option to record other non-integrated payment. Available on the Professional and Enterprise edition.
Custom method on Magestore POS

Here’s a quick summary of payment methods and the editions they’re available on:

Payment methodstandard editionprofessional editionenterprise edition
Credit card
Stripe (online gateway)
Stripe Verifone P400
Store credits
Custom payment

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