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Stock management and Order fulfillment process

This article will give you a clear understanding of the relationship between stock management of a product and selecting shipping channels for that product in Prepare Fulfill step of the Order Fulfillment Process.

Product quantityManage stock?Allow Backorders?Shipping Channel in Prepare Fulfill step
1000NoYes/NoIf Shipping Channel = Request Pick from Source, staffs can select a source to pick
0NoYessame as above
1000YesYes/Nosame as above

With these 3 cases, after staffs complete Step 1: Verify order, the order will move to Step 2: Prepare Fulfill and staffs can select Shipping Channel here.
The product quantity = 1000 on the table above is just an example quantity, it represents for cases that product quantity is not 0.

How about the case with product quantity = 0, Manages stock = Yes, and Backorders is allowed? This case is more special than the other ones above about processing:

  1. After you sumbit order, the order will go to Back order list. You can verify order here.


If you create invoice after verifying order, the order status will change into “Completed”

  1. With the Prepare Fulfill step:

2.1. If all items of that order are Backordered (all items have qty in source is 0):

  • They’re all marked to have Item status is Backordered and Qty is Back sales.
  • The “Fulfill” button doesn’t appear here, because you cannot fulfill back sales items, instead of that, we have a “Back to ship” button.
  • In this case, you need to create PO for back sales items above. After receiving and transferring items to the source, you can continue to fulfill all items of this order by clicking the “Back to ship” button in the order details above

2.2. If some items of that order are Backordered, some items are In-stock:

  • Back sales items are marked with Backordered item status and Back sales qty. In-stock items show normally
  • The “Fulfill” button appears to fulfill in-stock items
  • If you wanna ship the in-stock items first, you can Fulfill it then ship it to the customers. After creating PO, receiving, and transferring back sales items to the source, you can continue to fulfill all items of this order by clicking the “Back to ship” button in the order details.
  • Or you can wait until all items are in stock so that you can fulfill all of them in 1 time. Click the “Back to ship” button, all items will be changed from Back sales to In stock then you can process fulfillment for all items.

Note: “Back order” option in selecting Shipping channels of Step 2: Prepare fulfill is used to mark items to be back sales, not to complete Step 2 then continue moving to Step 3: Pick Items.

For example: When customer place order, all items are still in-stock. But when your staffs start processing fulfillment, one of them is out-of-stock. So you should mark that item to be back sale to fulfill later and easily keep track that order in Back order list.


Orders with at least 1 back sales item will be shown in Back order list.

3. From now on, you can continue with the next steps on Order Fulfillment process.


With the case product quantity = 0, this article only focuses on cases which Backorder is allowed, because in these cases, customers still can add products to cart.