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How to take cash payment on POS

This article will guide you through the process of taking and reviewing cash payment.

Process cash payment

To take cash payment, choose Cash in the payment method screen.

Cash payment method

Fill in the amount of cash the customer pays in 2 ways:

  • Click on the Amount field and type in the number. Confirm to adjust the amount.
Adjust amount received from customer
  • Click a suggested amount under the Amount field. This updates the Amount field automatically.
Use suggested values to receive cash

The paid amount can be higher than the order total.

Press Accept amount to proceed, or Back to cancel cash payment and return to payment screen.

Accept or cancel payment
  • If the cash amount is lower than total order amount, the POS will display the remaining amount the customer has to pay and option to add more payment.
Remaining amount when accepting cash
  • If cash amount is higher than the order total, POS will display the change amount you’ll give back to your customer. 
Change amount when accepting cash

Review cash payment

Once you’ve completed the order, you can review the cash payment information in:

  • POS receipt: 
    • Payment title (Configured in POS settings, Cash for example)
    • Amount paid
    • Change amount (if applicable)
Cash payment information on POS receipt
  • Order history on POS: 
    • Payment status
    • Payment title
    • Payment date
    • Payment amount
Cash payment information in POS order history
  • X and Z report:
    • Order number
    • Payment date and time
    • Cash amount received
Cash payment information in X and Z report
  • Sales order detail in Magento backend: 
    • Payment title
    • Paid amount
Cash payment information in Magento sales order

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