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How to accept credit card payment offline

This article explains how to process credit card payment when your terminal hasn’t been integrated or loses internet connection.

Process offline credit card payment

Select Credit Card option.

Select credit card payment

Click on the Amount field in case you want to change the amount to charge the customer. Press Confirm to adjust the amount.

Input amount to charge customer

Note that this amount must be equal or less than the total order amount.

To record the transaction number for future reference, input the reference number from your terminal into the Reference field.

Insert reference number if necessary

Press Accept amount to proceed, or Back to cancel credit card payment and return to payment screen.

Record or cancel credit card payment

When you click Accept, the POS payment screen will show the payment method, amount paid, and reference number.

Credit card information on payment screen

Review offline credit card payment

You can view card payment information on:

  • POS receipt: 
    • Title (Configured in POS settings, Credit Card for example)
    • Amount paid
    • Reference number (if applicable)
Credit card information on POS receipt
  • Order history on POS: 
    • Payment status (Paid for example)
    • Payment title
    • Payment date
    • Payment amount
Credit card information in order history on POS
  • Sales order detail in Magento backend: 
    • Payment title
    • Paid amount
Credit card information in Magento sales order

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